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A World Record Level Collector...

Collecting is a fabulous, adventure-filled hobby. It's benefits, fun, and opportunity are limitless. Join me in the awesome world of collecting by learning about how to enjoy it to it's fullest. 

This gallery contains photos of my "Scoob House", the current home of my 2,000+ item Scooby-Doo Collection.

I have been collecting for over 20 years, and have paid an average of around $4 per item, and have acquired over 90% of my collection in person through the skills and knowledge I have developed.


First and foremost my Scooby Collection is built on passion, and joy. I continue to grow my Scooby Doo Collection because I love the show, the merchandise, and the community.

The Scooby House


The Scoob Roof


The Backpack Wall


The Scooby Bathroom


The Comic Collection


Scoobs In the Window


Bookcases of Fun

My Other Collections:

- Neopets

- Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys

- Monster High & Ever After High

- G3 & G4 My Little Pony

- Care Bears

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